Chinese National Day

Chinese New Year e-Celebration

Date: 8 February 2021 (Monday)

Time17:00-18:10 CET

Location: Zoom Webinar

Registration: by 5 February 2021, the Zoom Link will be sent to you together with your registration confirmation

The  Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, the China-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (CHINALUX), the Confucius Institute at the University of Luxembourg and the China Cultural Center in Luxembourg, with support from Euro-Asie, invite you to join our Chinese New Year e-celebration on 8 February 2021 via Zoom from 17:00-18:10.

17:00-17:03: Opening Video – Chinese New Year, an Introduction
17:03-17:05: Video Greeting – Mr. Franz FAYOT, Minister of the Economy
17:05-17:10: Welcome Address – H.E. Mrs. YANG Xiaorong, Chinese Ambassador to Luxembourg
17:10-17:15: Welcome Address – Mr. Luc FRIEDEN, Chairman, Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce
17:15-17:30: Feature – Confucius Institute at the University of Luxembourg, with Prof. Dr. Stéphane PALLAGE, Mr. Jauffrey BAREILLE, Ms. JIANG Chenchen
17:30-17:45: Feature – China Cultural Center in Luxembourg, with Mr. ZHANG Jing
17:45-18:00: Video Greetings – organised by Mr. ZHANG Yong from Euro-Asie, also featuring Mr. Lex DELLES, Minister of Tourism, Mr. Gast WALTZING, and many more surprises
18:00-18:05: Closing Address – Ms. XIE Zhujun, President, CHINALUX
18:05-18:10: Toast – video greetings from Mr. Vincent HIEFF, Luxembourg Consul General to China and team, and many more

The event will be moderated by Jacques BORTUZZO, Vice President, CHINALUX


日期:2021年2月8日 周一

时间:17:00 – 18:10


注册时间:2021年2月5日前, Zoom链接将与您的注册确认信息一起发送给您


17:03-17:05:卢森堡经济部长Franz FAYOT先生致欢迎辞
17:10-17:15:卢森堡商会主席Luc FRIEDEN先生致欢迎辞
17:15-17:30:卢森堡大学校长Stéphane PALLAGE先生、卢森堡大学孔子学院卢方院长Jauffrey BAREILLE先生、代理中方院长江晨晨女士致辞并带来专题节目
17:45-18:00:卢森堡欧亚申根国际集团詹勇先生、卢森堡中小企业与旅游部长Lex DELLES先生、卢森堡艺术家Gast WALTZING先生致辞并带来更多惊喜
18:05-18:10:卢森堡驻上海总领事Vincent HIEFF先生及其团队致祝酒辞,还有更多新年祝福,敬请期待!

本活动由中卢商会副主席Jacques BORTUZZO先生主持